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Connecting students and staff with safety

Role call: A modern solution to cross-campus safety

To ensure the safety and protection of students and faculty members on campus, in 2021 Florida Southern College (FSC) rolled out the Zecure personal safety app to replace their current ‘grey key fob’ transmitter for first-year population and new students. Approximately 5,000 users received instant access, providing both students and faculty with direct connection to the college’s security response and health & safety teams.

FSC requirements

Enable students and faculty members to quickly raise an alert

Zone monitoring

Incident notifications

Campus evacuation alerts

Safety tips

Class cancellations

First-responder dispatch

Rumour control

The straight-A solution

The Zecure safety app transformed connected smartphones into a personal safety device and GPS tracker, while the cloud-based incident management platform gives Optum admins the critical data they need to accurately locate and communicate with staff anywhere, anytime – with invaluable core features:

Raise an alert

Real time 24/7 monitoring

Track a visit

2 way messaging

Control zones

On campus, in practice

Main challenges:

Maintenance issues (i.e. closed corridors)

Vandalism & theft

Suspicious persons

Fire hazards

As an extremely busy campus covering a wide area, the flow, speed and accuracy of information for FSC was key for teachers, students and security staff. 

Thanks to the adoption of Zecure, FSC students and staff are now able to report incidents and raise alerts through a simple user interface. In turn, the FSC Safety and Security teams will be monitoring 24/7 and can react in real-time, passing information to the relevant people and dispatching security staff or emergency services if required.

Our team went through extensive evaluation and testing to deliver a bespoke solution covering all needs required.

Bespoke technology

Lots of people mean lots of potential risk – and without the right information, even just to keep corridors clear you’re fighting an uphill battle. We worked closely with FSC to design their perfect solution:

Bespoke UI

We carried out a number pilots and conducted user feedback to design custom app features

Traffic flow 

Zone control and messaging allows for smooth flow of foot traffic cross campus 

Instant reponse

Integrating seamlessly with current campus security teams


We carried out extensive tailored training to both staff & admin users

Technology that learns with you

Anytime, anywhere

Access the system from anywhere and reach students, faculty, and others on campus and off campus.


Zone control and messaging allows for smooth flow of foot traffic cross campus.

Data savvy

Flexibly synchronise student data automatically into existing portals or have students manage their own data within your systems.

Intelligent reporting

Compile results in seconds for quick, informed decision-making or more detailed reports for analysis and trending with a full audit trail.

Expertise and insight

At your side

We provide a holistic solution to emergency communication challenges. Leveraging our technology we can help map out your emergency notification initiative, establish policies and procedures, review crisis communication methodologies and train your team. More than this, we also can deep-dive into post analysis

Dedicated management

Your account manager works with colleges and universities every day, understanding their needs and challenges. 

We act as informed guides to help you make the most effective use of the our system and will perform regular checks to analyse and review your usage and provide recommendations.

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