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Tackling staff safety for United Health Group

In 2018 United Health Group went to tender for subsidiary Optum Care, to find a replacement for their current system, Optum Secure Visits.

After a short pilot in Texas, our team combined decades of security know-how with the latest smart technology which won the tender and is still protecting staff today.

Tender requirements

Minimise risk, improve occupational health & Emergency Assistance Programme

Be available on iOS & Android with wearable integration

Be able to evaluate and run reports

Ability to escalate alerts directly to emergency services

Improved usability

The winning solution

The Zecure safety app transformed Optum staff smartphones into a personal safety device and GPS tracker, while the cloud-based incident management platform gives Optum admins the critical data they need to accurately locate and communicate with staff anywhere, anytime – with invaluable core features:

Raise an alert

Real time 24/7 monitoring

Track a visit

2 way messaging

Connect wearables

Optum Care in practice

Main challenges:

Workplace violence

Slips, trips and falls

Travel related injuries

Medical emergencies

As one of the largest healthcare providers in the US, Optum Care needed to ensure their field clinicians were safe, particularly those conducting home visits. 

Thanks to the adoption of Locate Global, Optum staff are now able to raise alerts through a simple push of a button. In turn, the 24/7 Response Team can react in real-time, inform relevant stakeholders and dispatch emergency services if required.

We went through extensive vendor onboarding, due diligence and independent assessments to make sure every avenue was covered.

Bespoke care technology

Any lone worker situation presents risk – and without the right tools, you’re fighting an uphill battle. We worked closely with Optum to design their perfect solution:

Bespoke UI

Optum carried out a number pilots and conducted user feedback to design the app


We integrated a handy wearable button as requested by staff


We worked closely with the emergency response team to meet their needs


We carried out extensive tailored training to both staff & admin users

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