June 16, 2021

Keeping Healthcare Staff Safe Through mHealth

Today’s digital world has seen the penetration and adoption of technology into every economic sector and aspect of life, including the healthcare industry. The global proliferation of smartphones and their…
May 11, 2021

Lone Working in Healthcare: How to Keep Your Staff Safe

Lone working presents a unique set of challenges and risks. Both the employer and employee need to consider all of them as part of the risk management exercise. They should…
February 16, 2021

Top Risks That Field Service Representatives Face At Work

For the past couple of years, statistics show that the number of people classed as field service representatives has been growing steadily. Data obtained from Health & Safety at Work…
November 24, 2020

High-Risk Industries And How To Protect Your Employees

Risk is an inherent part of doing business, but we can all agree that some industries are riskier than others. High risks have consequences for employers and employees alike, especially…
September 24, 2020

Mental Health: The Practical Guide to Reducing Workplace Risk

Mental health struggles have been around for centuries. However, up until recently, openly discussing mental health was nearly unheard of. A stigma has surrounded the topic of mental health for…