Lone worker protection

24/7 protection for lone workers and at-risk staff

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Provide a duty of care to employees working alone, in high risk environment or working  unusual hours

Offer your lone workers the protection when out in the field with our 24/7 police-accredited safety service

Protect lone worker from risks including injuries, slips, trips and falls from heights, exposure and handling of potentially hazardous or heavy materials

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Turn your lone workers smartphone into a 24/7 police-accredited personal safety device which can raise alerts directly to response centres


Keep track of your team wherever they are. When your team uses the Zecure App, you can monitor their live location and status, and handle emergency situations right from your desktop or mobile device


Our wearable panic alarms make it easy for wearers to discreetly call for help

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We’re trusted by businesses, local government agencies and healthcare providers globally.

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