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Violence can be unexpected, or anticipated. We work with employers and charities to keep people safe.

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In The Community

Additional protection for the vulnerable.

Knife crime, hate crime and domestic violence have increased significantly in recent years. Our app is used by charities to provide protection to those that need it the most.

Record evidence

When an alert is raised the app will instantly pinpoint the users location and capture video and audio footage.

Cloud storage

Even if the phone is destroyed or runs out of battery, the footage will be accessible to emergency contacts and police.

Emergency response

Our 24/7 response centre will review the footage, and take action, notifying the police service as necessary.

“We’re a charity that supports victims of domestic abuse. The app gives our users access to life-saving features, and the assurance that if something happens, not only will they get the help they need, but the incident will be recorded and can be used as evidence in court.”

Becki Hill

Lead Fundraiser

In The Community

It pays to prepare for the worst.

Employees in all lines of work can be the victim of threats and violence, customer-facing positions are especially at risk. Give your people the ability to raise an alarm quickly when they need urgent help. Combine the app with wearable technology for extra protection.

Alert colleagues

By holding down the alert button for 6 seconds, an alert will be sent to trusted contacts with location data as well as audio and video footage.

Even if the user is unable to speak, trusted contacts will be able to get help on their behalf.

Wearable panic buttons

We’ve partnered with the leaders in wearable tech to give your employees additional protection.

Wearable buttons can be worn as a watch, or attached to clothing, making it even easier to raise an alert in the event of an accident.

Emergency response

We offer a 24/7 alert monitoring service, so even if trusted contacts aren’t able to respond, emergency services will be notified.

Our response centre will review the footage captured, and take the appropriate course of action, notifying the police service.